Ntouis Druid Resto - Feral Apply

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Ntouis Druid Resto - Feral Apply

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Hello this is Ntouis Resto - Feral 6000 gs + in both specs and im Ks 10 - 25
got good progress on hc icc 25 and know all the tacks

My infos :My name is chris im from greece but now i live in England for some works. Im 19 years old and work in a supermarket :)

Char infos:
My char name is : Ntouis

My Proffesions are:Enchant and Skinning but can change them if guild needs

My previus guilds: Kama sutra and Cosmic bane i leaved a long time ago becuase i stoped the wow for school but now no school anymore and i can be much active as i want :)

and last i want to join in the guild becuase as i know the guild is very good and old guild with good ppl on game and on understand.. i want to have a good guild on cataclysm to progress with that as end im a core mate i have the raid times to play everyday and hour and i will be on on every raid if my apply will be accept..

thx for see my apply if u want any question u can find me online anytime and the answer if urs
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