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Name: bozizo
Age: 17
Country: Kuwait
Character name, level and class: Bozizo, 85 , hunter
Previous guilds: none
Server: Twilight's Hammer
(ie. are you native to EU-Twillight Hammer or are you/have you recently transfered from a different server, in which case name server)

How did you use your Talent points? We are only interested in the spec you intend to raid with. If your raid spec is your current spec, Armory link is fine. Otherwise please provide a WoWHead Talent Calculator link to your raid spec. Also give us a brief explanation why you think the spec is the best one for raiding with your class. Cuz MM is good talent for raiding and do more dmg:)

Link your gear here (from armory). If you frequently log off in your PvP or other alternate gear, please also list your relevant stats here to prevent misundestandings (HP, +Hit, AP, Defense, Spell damage etc, depending on your class and spec). ... izo/simple

When is your usual playtime? Our raids are Tue, Wed, Thu and Sun 19:00-22:00 CET, so our main interest is your attendance during those times. To be considered for membership, 50% attendance during the trial is required. Try to give as realistic an estimate as you can.
hm i play alot and wow is my life and yes those days is good for me :)

What kind of Raid experiance do you have with the class you're applying as? Which bosses have you reached and killed, WOTLK, TBC, pre TBC? well icc was in Us in my warrior was 9/12 icc ,naxx full cleared ,tbc was full cleared too :)

What benefits do you think your class/spec brings to a raid? More dots more dps and i play on it like Overpower

Please describe your opening, optimum ability rotation when engaging an enemy boss. If this is not applicable, give us an overview of what abilities are important to your role, and how they should be used: first (Hunter mark, md, steady shoot chimra shoot, serpent sting, ameid shoot

If you had to raid from a desert island, which three addons would you take with you? Deadly boss mode and Omen, sure .

What do you want to get out of your raiding experience? Why do you want to raid? Pve is my life raid is the best thing in wow and i want Experince more :)

Make up a question of your own and then answer it: Whats ur best pet ? Dog :D

Are you casual, semi-hardcore or extremely hardcore when it comes to WoW?

Do you read any WoW forums? If so, name them: yes but not really i read wow forums

Do you have any alternative characters? (name them if they are lvl 50+) ye dk

Do you have Raid experience with other classes, if so which bosses have you reached and killed, TBC and pre TBC? tbc we did Bt 5 bosses, Icc9/12 and so :)

If you see a naked gnome dancing on the roof of the bank in Orgrimmar, what do you do? kick him! :D

Why do you want to join this particular raid guild? Cuz i love it and i see alot people are nice and good and i hope i join and thanks guyz i hope i raid with u :D
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Thx who listen me!
We talk before in game.
i can't rly say something more atm need to go like i say.
Good luck with your apply!
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Post by Gorlom »

was wondering how you could post the armory link in your application. then i noticed you spammed the inn...
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we had an intruder?
Click it wisely
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Hello spammer, we are fine on hunters (who do not read stickies and just copy/paste something from another guild).
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