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Post by Kymzu »

Hello SM!

and here is my application for Social status.

Personal information

Name: Micke
Age: 30
Location: Stockholm ( D-RÃ¥gved ) Sweden
Sex: Not so much since Cata was installed. (male)
Vent/Skype: Yes

About me

Im just a regular guy, i have 2 jobs right now, not so much game time and that is why
i wanna join as social, i know some people in the guild, Seimor,Vaga,Sar,Vitner and Ghoulscout if he joins and
Gorthzûk, alot of you others maybe remember me back in vanilla wow as the rogue Gankstah when i was member in SM,
i quitted play for almost a year back there and left SM at that time, then i have played in periods tryed almost
every class and now i have found the class i like the most.I PvP mostly when i am online or leveling professions or
just standing somewhere and looking like im lost or AFK due to the amount of "can u portal me to dalaran plix" spam.
ofcourse i will portal guildmembers if im around ;)
Interests: Music, Drawing, Motorcycles/Cars, 3D art, Editing and WoW.


name: Kymzu
Class: Mage
Race: Goblin
Talents: Frost and secondary fire
Armory link: Can´t link it, maybe someone else can do it for me=)
Professions: Mining (517 atm) / Engineering (450 atm)

WoW experience

Lvl60: MC/BWL/AQ40/20/Onyxia
Lvl70: Karazhan, pvped alot=)
Lvl80: Naxx 10, and a few bosses Ulduar 10
Lvl85: None

Previous guilds

I was in this guild Nidhögg and played alot with Vaga, Seimor (for a while), Sar,
Vitner and Ghoulscout, i left that guild a while ago because it like died,
and now my friends are in SM.
And on my other characters ive mostly been in own created guilds just to get rid of
"Hi u wana join our new strated guild <deffenders of orgirmaar>" sort of things.
And for my Rogue Gankstah i was in Odium and SM and Midvinter if i remember it right but thatwas years ago and i dont play my rogue atm, maybe i level it up later on.

And why do i apply to SM?

Mostly because the people i play with are members in SM, and i know there is alot of funny people in there,
and a nice guild atmosphere or atleast was back in the days but probably still is=)
feel free to ask me questions if you have any!.

Thanks for reading this

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Post by flame »

Bear with us till the end of the festivities,so we can start assessing your application properly.
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Post by Sar »

Amagad, amagad ninjalooted DBW trinket dont go with him! Wisp achiv and GS or get ignored. Xaxaxa.

Easy going guy with good sense of humour and fun to play with. I hope you get a social spot in SM, Micke, so best of luck with your app from me :)
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Post by Gorthzûk »

Nice guy that's a bit retarded.. but in a good way..

Good luck with the app mate, hope to see you in SM soon.
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Post by Fenz »

We are fine on social members at the moment. Thanks for your interest in SM tho.
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