Ghoulscout - lvl 85 elemental shaman

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Ghoulscout - lvl 85 elemental shaman

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About me;
Name: Adrian
From: Norrköping Sweden
Age: 23
Occupation: Studying at collage atm (science of religion) and a parttime job at a warehouse.
Interests: Music, beer, tattoos, and wow :p
Other: Music is a big part of my life, in in a band that just got signed with a swedish label.

Character Name: Ghoulscout
Class: Shaman
Spec: Elemental
Spec rotation: FS, LvB, LB untill LS procs, then LvB, renew FS if necesary, otherwise spam some mor LB and ES when i have 9 LS stacks.
Proffessions: Mining / Engineer
Time played: 130 days
Previous guilds: Rebels without a clue, Retribution, Exiled, OneShot on Auchindoun, Nidhögg, probably a few more but i cant remember :D

Previous WoW experience
Vanilla: ZG, MC, BWL, Ony, AQ 20 and some AQ 40
Burning Crusade: KZ, Gruul, Magtheridon, ZA, Hyjal up to Archimonde.
WotLK: Some casual raiding in naxx, ulduar, ToC and ICC

Connections to the guild:
I've known Seimor and Vaga for quite some time, and also an acquaintance with Gorthzûk and Sar.

Why do I want to join?
Mostly for the social thing, to be in a resonable guild again would be nice.
In the future i probably will start signing to your raids, when my character is geared and so on.
I think i can contribute to raids because I know my class, and I have quite some raidingexperience.

My best regards
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kinda poor application imo, try a bit more :P write more about your self, previous guilds maybe a screenshot of your UI etc
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I cant link urls untill i have posted 5 posts, but i try to keep my UI simple, with only a few addons.
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Bear with us till the end of the festivities,so we can start assessing your application properly.
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We are fine on social members at the moment. Thanks for your interest in SM tho.
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