Recruitment is closed!!

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Recruitment is closed!!

Post by Fenz »

<<We are not recruiting!>>

SM is odd.

The progress of this guild has been steady and solid, our core raiders have been here since we stepped into the Molten Core.

While we prefer the gearing approach, we aren't consumable-phobic if it's a controlled encounter to which the consumable requirements can be outgeared over time. In Cataclysm we do need you to bring flasks and consumables for certain encounters.

The people in the guild have varied backgrounds; FPSes like Quake, HL:TFC, UT or RTSes like Warcraft, Starcraft as well as MMORPGs like UO, DAoC and Everquest or even pen-and-paper DnD.
The average age is around 25 with some officers pushing thirty - or worse.

Four raids a week are 10 person raids, at the times of 1930-2300 CET.
The days are mostly weekdays; Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Sun.

We are a multinational guild which uses English for guildchat, pvp and raiding.
Ventrilo is used to assist in pvp and raiding and is mandatory to speak through for players with crucial roles.
While we don't guarantee raid spots, when planning raids the most active and skilled players will usually be the first choice of the raidleaders.
When it comes to raiding we tend to "roast" players that make crucial mistakes, so a healthy dose of self-critique and a sense of humor is required to withstand the "blame game".

We are currently looking for these additional raiders:


* We will consider very good applications even if we are not looking for that particular class at the moment.

You're expected to be good and reliable at planning your raiding time.

Ideal raiders are players that speak up on ventrilo when required, are proactive in researching raid encounters, aware of their surroundings, fast to react and know how to think on their feet keeping the restraints imposed by the raid encounter in mind.

Exceptional candidates are players that strike us as very good on multiple facets - not just gear, class and encounter knowledge.
Typically we have no real need to fill the role specified unless it is such an exceptional candidate.

Should you still be interested in joining us feel free to make a thread on this forum.
If discretion is required you can send Fenz, Maolina or Karura a PM on this forum.
To activate your forum account, send an officer a tell ingame.

We do not have a predefined application profile to fill out; this sticky, however, contains a lot of things we look for in a raider - explain to us in your application why or how you meet those requirements.
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